What is Kliply?

Kliply is aiming to bring back curated discovery of the more interesting things on the internet, with a few new features. One of which is the ability to organize your ‘Klips’ into collections, where you can sort and share anything on the web by the topic of your choosing.

How do I get in?

We’re currently in ‘invite only’ mode, where a select few early adopters are helping to steer the project, and inviting those that they feel would be great contributors to the community. If you really can’t wait for an invite, make a pitch on why you’d be great here via the general contact form.

What kind of content are you focusing on?

Generally, anything evergreen – like articles, videos, images, and even websites. We currently don’t accept what would be categorized as ‘news’ items, alongside the standard policy of no hate speech, adult material, gambling or affiliate links.

Can’t I do this on Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, ProductHunt, etc?

Yes and no. Each of those communities has a discovery element to them, but:

  • Reddit isn’t for everyone, and there’s no way to collect the things that interest you without creating a sub-reddit.
  • Digg turned into a closed community years ago – we’re hoping to bring back what made it great, with the ability to collect/collaborate on topics.
  • Stumbleupon is fairly random, which is fine, but we like a homepage that shows trends and collections.
  • Pinterest allows for unlimited collections, but just images (and has become a bit spammy.)
  • ProductHunt has alot of what we’re looking to build, but focuses on products for the most part.

It should be noted that Kliply’s future isn’t controlled by a small group of owners, and what it ultimately becomes will be driven by the early members.

For info on our progress and open registration, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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